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Engagement Best Practices

The 10 Recommendations for an engaging creative

1. Keep Your CTA Clear

Keep your call-to-action short and simple. Write in first-person and avoid passive language. 

2. Animate Your Pre Expandable Banner

Use a simple animation in your pre-expandable to generate interest from users who are browsing the page.

3. Keep Your Logo Visible

Keep your brand logo at the top of the banner when designing your ad. Place the creative content below and the call-to-action at the bottom.

4. Keep the Ad Copy Simple

Don’t overwhelm your audience with a lot of copy and steer clear of using complicated words or long sentences.

5. Create Several Sizes of Your Ad Creative

Develop several banner sizes so your campaign resonates with users across various websites and placements. (Our dynamic creative offering can help with this too) 

6. Keep Your CTA Visible at All Times

Users may get confused if they lose sight of your logo or call-to-action while navigating through the creative.

7. Use Fewer Fonts

Fewer fonts tend to be easier to read and more visually appealing. 

8. Show Real People in Your Creatives

Users respond to creative they can relate to and including real people in your creative will enhance your campaign’s performance. 

9. Give Users a Sneak Peek

Our Peek Preview functionality allows users to see a preview of the content in the unit before they hover to expand.

10. Dynamic Messaging

Use first- and third-party data to dynamically update your ads to individual user interests or based on their current environment.

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