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Ad trackers are set up to register clicks and impressions on ads, they do not display anything to users. For Contobox ads, they give insight to specific tabs and features for products or services that your audience is spending time with.

These trackers are typically created by your own media / ad ops team (usually done in Google Ads). They are snippets of code that we add to ad tags so when an ad is served, you can track impressions, clicks and engagements.

If your team would like to track aspects in a Contobox ad it’s important to deliver these snippets of code before the campaign starts to ensure data accuracy. This code will look like this if tracking impressions:

<IMG SRC=""https://ad.doubleclick.net/ddm/ad/N82802.316340MEDIACOMPANY/B23168994.255225826;sz=1x1;ord=[timestamp];dc_lat=;dc_rdid=;tag_for_auto_campaign=;tfua=?"" BORDER=0 WIDTH=1 HEIGHT=1 ALT=""Advertisement""></A>"

If you’re planning on providing trackers, the following third-party trackers are required:

Impression Tracker (pixel) 1×1

Engagement Tracker (pixel) 1×1

Click-Through trackers for all URLs

IMPORTANT: All 3rd party trackers provided must start with HTTPS:// in order to be SSL compliant.

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