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Live Campaigns: Reporting – DRAFT


After the campaign is built and has gone live, it’s now possible to learn from all the data generated from your Contobox campaign. The reports section, which is accessible at the top of the feed, is a user-friendly visualization of impressions, unique engagements, interactions, click-throughs and time spent broken down into numerous categories and charts. The data is organized to allow you to learn from your campaign efficiently and the reports also offer you the ability to focus on and contrast specific elements of a campaign in ways that are useful to optimizing your current or next campaign.

Reporting Parameters


Every time an ad is served to a user and the ad is viewable, it counts as an impression.


Unique Engagements

When a consumer hovers over, slides-to-unlock or clicks a Contobox ad unit, a 3 second count-down begins. Upon completion of this count-down, interactive features in a unit become present. Users who finish the count-down are considered engaged users, intent on interacting with your brand.



Any clickable point within your ad unit. Interactions help define consumer interest and intent.



Consumers who click on a call to action to your website, product pages or promotional pages.


Time Spent

The average amount of time a user spends per session with your campaign.



A list of websites Contobox is served on.


Geo Map

Maps the location of users exposed to your campaign. This feature lets you know where the interest in your campaign is the highest geographically. The map can be handy if you want to know which regions are interested in certain products or your brand in general.



Our heatmaps let you know what elements in your ad unit drives users to interact and which elements do not.



A list of links that users clicked through to within a banner. Knowing how popular links are with users can give you a better indication as to what links are more successful than others.



A list of publishers involved with the campaign. Exploring the list and other metrics can give you an indication as to what type of publishers have an audience that is more receptive to your brand.


User Engagement Rate (UER)

The rate of users engaging with your ads based on the number of engagements and overall impressions.


Interaction Rate on Impressions (IRI)

The rate  of user interactions based on impressions. Typically this shows the average number of things users clicked on or interacted with, divided by impressions served.


Interaction Rate on Engagements (IRE)

The rate of user interactions based on engagements. This highlights the average number of things users clicked on or interacted with, divided by engagements delivered.


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