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EasyTag Best Practices

Tips to improve your EasyTag campaigns

1. Always Upload Creative as Non-Expand

When uploading tags to your preferred DSP, always note the creative as non-expandable (as seen below in DBM). DSPs will serve the unit wherever standard display or expandable is available.

Our most tried, tested and true features work across 300×250, 300×600, 970×250, 728×90, 160×600 display units, making them ideal for engagement and scale. Other custom features can work, but are recommended for Contobox expandable display only.

3. Follow The Engagement Best Practices

Ensure that you follow Contobox’s best practices for engagement to ensure a unified user experience and maximize the likelihood of users spending time with your brand. That’s why you’re using EasyTag, isn’t it?

4. Use Dynamic Creative

Utilize Contobox’s Dynamic Creative to help engage various audiences with a variety of contextual triggers that adjust messaging and imagery. This can help your brand deliver faster optimizations across multiple creative versions and find the most engaged audience. 

5. Have a Data Strategy

Utilize Contobox EasyTag to maximize your campaign’s scale. EasyTag allows you to build your own first-party engagement data, so you can understand what your audiences are engaging with, how interested they are in your brand, and which products or services they’re attracted to.

6. Have a Retargeting Strategy

Once you’ve developed a data strategy that utilizes your first-party data, you need to understand how to leverage that data to help engage potential customers who’ve shown interest in your brand.

7. Viewability is Critical to Performance

It’s often overlooked when buying display at scale, but we recommend applying a viewability minimum of 50 percent as a best practice to ensure your campaign performance meets your goals—whether you’re aiming for awareness or conversion.

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