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Designing & Building: The Feed – DRAFT


The Feed is the central hub for an individual campaign. Each campaign has one feed to follow in order to avoid confusion between multiple campaigns and brands. The campaign managers are automatically given access to follow the feed and others can be given permission to follow as well. Anyone who is following the feed is notified of any relevant changes within the Contbox platform and by email. The feed also contains a chat system, mock-up uploader and meter that displays the phase the campaign is currently in.



Edit Campaign and Campaign Details

If you need to make changes to the campaign, you can always do so by clicking on the Edit Campaign link on the left-hand side of the feed. To get a quick overview of campaign details you can click the Campaign Details link, also on the left-hand side.



At the center of the page, you can message all of the feed followers or private chat with specific followers if you don’t want to bother the group. You can also upload assets to the group and use templates called macros to avoid wasting time writing out campaign specifications.


On the right-hand side of the feed, the phases of the campaign are represented with the current phase marked. Not each phase is required for every campaign. The designing phase could be skipped for example if you had your own creative assets. It is also possible to go back if something needs to be changed at an earlier phase.



Campaign details and assets (if applicable) are shared with Contobox to review. Depending on your needs, your XM team will either create impactful mockups for an RFP or kick-off the campaign workflow process.



The Contobox creative team can design full sets of mockups that bring the creative concept to life. These take into account the main campaign objectives and follow best practices. Alternately, creative agencies can supply final files for development.



The Contobox development team uses the approved mockup designs to produce a unique and engaging Contobox display or video experience.



The campaign tags are sent to our AdOps team or provided to your trading desk to officially begin serving impressions to the appropriate users and targets.



Mock-up Upload

This is a handy tool for speeding up the reviewing process for assets. The designer can upload an asset and any of the followers can make a mark on a specific part of the image that’s then connected to a message they can write on the right-hand side. This allows for a much speedier RFP process when you want to suggest changes on creative.



Mockup Viewer

Clicking on the attached file in your feed brings up the mockup feed. This allows you to aggregate and localize creative recommendations and updates to clear up miscommunication while pinpointing creative areas in need of adjustment.

Schedule KOC and Introduction

The Crucial Interactive representative begins an email thread to schedule a kick-off call (KOC) including all parties:

  • Contobox team
  • Creative agency
  • Media agency


The email should include the specifications deck as an attachment.


Workback Schedule


Elements Days Remaining Dates Stakeholder Status
Client Kickoff Meeting 14 days to launch
Creative Assets Delivered* 13 days to launch Client
Round 1: Mockups Delivered 11 days to launch Contobox
Round 1: Client Feedback on Mockups 10 days to launch Client
Round 2: Mockups Delivered 9 days to launch Contobox
Round 2: Client Feedback on Mockups 8 days to launch Client
Final version of Mockups Delivered 7 days to launch Contobox
Client Approval on Mockups 7 days to launch Client
Working Link Delivered to Client** 3 days to launch Contobox
Working Link Approved on Working Link 3 days to launch Client
QA Testing 2 day to launch Contobox
Contobox LIVE Date*** LIVE Contobox


Contobox will provide all parties with a work back schedule based on the date the assets are delivered, as well as on the campaign’s scheduled launch date.


Assets Required

Getting Started Checklist

Assets Status
Project Brief (if applicable)
Brand Style Guidelines (Color Palette, Fonts)
Brand Copy
Hi-Res Logos and Images (.jpeg, .psd, .eps, .ai)
Existing Flash Banners and Source Files (.fla)
Video Elements (if Contobox includes video)
Article Elements (if Contobox includes articles)
Click-through URLs for all Brand and Social CTAs
Deliverable Ad Units (list of all banner sizes)
Trackers (Impression, Engagement, Click)

Obtain Assets From Client

The creative agency or client will provide the Crucial Interactive/Contobox team with the assets required for production.

See below for the minimum assets we need to begin production:

  • IAB standard banner PSD
  • Fonts
  • Expandable banner PSD or creative directions (e.g. landing page URL, video file/Youtube URL, promotional flyer, etc.)
  • Copy deck
  • Standard flash banner as animation example (optional)


For a complete list of recommended assets, please see our specifications deck.


Revision Process

Production timelines

1. Number of revisions

To ensure a quick and efficient production process, all campaigns have a total of three rounds of revisions scheduled between production and development (coding).


A round of revisions is defined as a list of at least one change request, either creative or developed (coded) in nature.

2. Additional revisions

Any additional rounds of revisions (over and above the initial three) are subject to schedule delays and additional fees.

3. Post-Launch revisions

Any post-launch revisions must comply with the buy minimums specified in the Contobox Refresh Pricing Chart (available upon request).

Typos, development bugs, and errors are the responsibility of the Contobox team (unless specified to be a browser or technology limitation) and will not be considered a change request.

Production Timelines – Revision Best practices

Requirements Define all required banner sizes, versions, and languages before production begins.
Assets When providing PSDs, please ensure that related elements are grouped and named as clearly as possible.

Whenever possible, provide an up-to-date storyboard alongside PSDs.

Feedback Compile feedback into one comprehensive list of change requests.

Aim to be as precise or as directive as possible (e.g. “Please move the logo over to the left-hand side of the 300×250.”).

Provide screenshots where applicable/helpful.

Bugs Not considered a change request (unless specified to be a browser or technology limitation).

If included in a list that otherwise contains change requests, the list will still be considered a round of revision.


Mockups and Approvals

Revision Round 1: Mockups

Contobox will provide mockups based on the provided assets and creative direction typically three business days following reception of the asset package.

The client typically has one to two business days to provide comprehensive feedback in order to remain on track for launch (cf. workback schedule).


Revision Round 2: Feedback on Mockups

Contobox will provide updated mockups based on client feedback typically within one to two business days following reception of this feedback.

The client typically has one to two business days to provide comprehensive feedback in order to remain on track for launch (cf. workback schedule).


Revision Round 3: Demo Links

Contobox will provide a demo based on the approved mockups and the feedback provided typically three to four days following the reception of feedback.

The client typically has one to two business days to provide comprehensive feedback/final approval in order to remain on track for launch (cf. workback schedule).

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