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Contobox Platform

What Formats Can I use?

You can engage audiences across desktop, tablet and mobile with:
Expandable Display

Non-Expandable Display

In-stream Video

Out-stream Video

What features can I use in my Contobox Ad?

You can choose from any number of features from our marketplace

How does audience scoring work?

Our scoring mechanism analyzes time spent, dwell rate and interactions to determine customer intent. We can also create custom scoring. Score!

How do I connect my data management platform (DMP)? What if I don't have one?

Our team is ready to assist in integration with your DMP. Don’t have a DMP? You can use ours please reach out to your rep for details.

What DMP/DSPs can be integrated with Contobox?

Adobe DMP or any DMP/DSP data that is not encrypted can be integrated with Contobox.

How do we set up data collection and segmentation with our DMP?

Simply identify the interaction(s) you want to track then send us tracking tags from your DMP. Our system will send over the information to your DMP in real-time.

Contobox Expandable Display

Can we have a video play full-screen in a Contobox?

A video can expand to the full-size of the expandable 940×600.

Can a Contobox unit take over the full size of the screen?

A Contobox unit when expanded will always be 940×600. We can include a background around the Contobox which will make it appear as if it took over the full screen.

Contobox Non-Expandable Display

Is it possible to integrate a Vimeo video player within a Contobox banner?

Yes. However please note that the Vimeo video player no longer supports the auto-play feature within ad banners.

Contobox Connected TV

What can we report on?
  • Impressions by video resolution
  • impressions by video variation
  • Scans by video variation
  • VTR by quartile by video variation

What metrics are captured when a user scans a CTV QR code and it opens up to a Contobox powered microsite?
  • Number of users who’ve clicked the URL produced by the QR Code
  • Views of any video content within the mobile microsite
  • Clickouts to brand site
  • Interactions within unit (when users click on various products, services or features but don’t leave the mobile microsite)
  • Time Spent in the mobile microsite
  • Heat Mapping of high contact mobile microsite areas / content

What happens if a user scans the CTV QR code and it directs to a brand site instead of a Contobox powered microsite?

We can cookie the users device and add to our CDP for personalization and retargeting campaigns.
Campaign size will dictate the ability to do this efficiently; as a brand will need enough scans for a scalable retargeting pool.

What tags are supported for serving CTV ads?

CTV ads are served through standard VAST tags according to IAB specifications.

Does Contobox handle the QR code creation

Yes we do, we have a proprietary QR code generator.

Does Contobox Engagement Management Platform (EMP) record QR scans

Once a user clicks on the URL provided after scanning the QR code, we’re able to cookie their device and add them to our CDP. There’s no ‘recording’ of scans.

What is the minimum investment for a CTV campaign?

Minimum investment is $8500.

Does the minimum investment include impressions?

It does. CPMs vary by screen size and video length. Please refer to the rate card to calculate how many impressions are included in your minimum.

Are there any limitations on where Contobox CTV video ads can run?

You can run Contobox CTV video ads across any DSP or exchange, with the exception of the Roku platform. Please check with your preferred exchange as to which resolutions they will accept.

Do Contobox CTV Video ads need to run across a curated Deal ID or PMP?

No, but please check with your preferred exchange as to which resolutions they will accept.

Do you offer blended CPMs that include all video resolutions by video lengths?

Yes, we can provide a responsive tag, please reach out to your rep for pricing.

Can you offer other interactive layers for your CTV video?

No, CTV video inventory does not universally support VPAID. However, once someone scans QR code we can offer further interactivity through a mobile microsite they’ll be linked to.

Is the QR Code Call to Action added via an overlay to the video?

No, CTV inventory only accepts VAST tags, we leverage our proprietary production engine to stitch together video elements with unique QR codes.

Can CTV Video ads be shoppable?

For brands looking to push sales to specific retailers, once a QR code is scanned, the mobile microsite allows them to add-to-cart of a specific retailer. (Ask your rep for a complete list of integrated retailers)

For retailers looking to push sales to their own site, please ask your rep about how to become an integrated retailer.

Are there any size limitations to the video files?

There are no limitations. Our team will resize the videos to fit within approved specs.

Do you accept videos of more than 30s in length?

Yes we do. Please reach out to your sales executive for pricing information.

Contobox Mobile

What is MRAID?

1) If using MRAID, mobile rich media ads can run within applications using any MRAID-compliant SDK.

2) As a result, MRAID enables creative agencies and rich media shops to build rich media creative that is destined to run in different publishers’ mobile apps more quickly and more easily.

3) MRAID stands for “Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions”. It is a common API (Application Programming Interface) which enables the display of the mobile ads inside an application.

4) MRAID provides developers of rich media mobile executions with universal guidelines to the ad interactions and behaviours (expansion, resizing, accessing device functionalities such as calendar events, etc) within the apps in which they are served.

Contobox Features

What are the assets needed to implement a store locator functionality?

Please simply provide a complete list of locations in Excel or CSV format including the following fields: Location Name (Optional), Address, Phone Number (Optional)

How does a store locator detect the users' closest location?

Our store locator detects a user’s IP address if he is viewing the banner from a desktop device. If the user is accessing the banner from a mobile device, his or her location is detecting using the GPS on his or her device.

Contobox Chatbot

What is the best way to utilize Contobox Chatbot?

You can be creative here but we’ve found the best executions use chatbots to help guide users through multiple options and to gather data.

What is a Chatbot tree?

It’s a fancy name for a flow chart of user interactions and potential outcomes.

How many choices should the chatbot give the user?

We recommend 2-3 questions per a user.

Can users type replies to the chatbot?

No. We develop easy to understand pictorial chatbots so your bot will be clear and give the user options to choose from.

If users can't type what's the best way for them to communicate to the chatbot?

Multiple-choice questions paired with images work best. With text less is more – rather rely on images for communication.

Can our team write our own script?

Yes, but we recommend you work closely with our chatbot experts to help identify.

Contobox Dynamic Creative

What's a dynamic retargeting tree?

It’s a fancy name for a flow chart of user interactions and potential outcomes.

Can there be more than 1 level / exposure?

Yes, but we recommend no more than 3.

How is the same person targeted on different devices?

We work in conjunction with Adobe and Liveramp to provide probabilistic user device matching.

How effective is probabilisitic device matching?

Studies show effectiveness to be 90%+.

Ad Operations

What kind of frequency capping is available?

All the frequency capping your heart desires.

How do I set up tracking?

Our AdOps team will help you set up tracking, you can contact them at adops@contobox.com.


What's the difference between cross-device and cross-platform?

Cross-device means the same user can be targeted on whatever device they use. Cross-platform means an ad can load on any device.